April, 2021 Edition

Special Status of Hong Kong

Swati Singh

Legal Aid System in India

Trilok Choudhary

Position of Speaker Under Constitution of India

Aayushi Chopra

Explained: Coastal regulation zone rules (CRZ)

Gaurav Jayakumar

Analysis: States challenging central acts

Aman Srivastava

Private Property As Fundamental Right

Akankshya Bhattacharjee

Analysis: Mercy Petition

Arunim Kathuria

A Brief Catalogue on Victimology

A. Md. Faizan

Section 6 of the Hindu Succession Act-Equal Daughters and Sons 

Aarti Gilda

Analysing the Judicial Interpretation of Section 493 and Section 498-A IPC

Abhinav Bhalla

Fradulent Financial Practices – Taxation

 Abhinav Ramchandran and Dylan Sharma

What Future Holds for LGBTQI Community

Akshay Sharma

Analysis on Anti-Competitive Agreements with Respect to Cartels: Special Reference to USA

Anila Geo K & Dr. Sonika Bhardwaj Kapil Joshi