Slavery, prostitution, human and child trafficking – The global practices of eradicating it

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Slavery has been existing in India from the last few decades. Slavery is the term that signifies the injustice that is being carried out against humans. Whenever we think about the term “Slavery” few particular picture comes in our mind that is, how upper class or rich people have ruled over the lawyer class or middle class people. In the British period, white people wear ruled over the black people. Slavery is happening due to the divisions of levels of human living in a society. Slavery is a main cause behind Racism.

Slaves are those people who are forced to work for other people. In slavery, humans are considered as an object who will work for 24 hours for other people. Not only they work but those people are also being sold for money. It is not only done with the adult but also with children’s. Child slavery means that employment of children in any work that restricts them from attending the school. Children are forced to work from a very early age, which affects them physically and mentally. Child slavery happens for various reasons, it happened in those countries that have poverty and unemployment. In a family when their members could not earn much and cannot fulfill their needs that time they first force their child to earn, so that they can fulfill their needs. Another reason for child labour is that if a country is developing then they force children to work. Child slavery basically means the use of children for producing goods and services. the children are paid very less amount of wages and they work almost 10 hours. The children’s are often abused by the employer. Child labour became illegal in India; it is a crime for anyone who follows it. The child labour (Prohibition & Regulations) act of 1986 was passed. The Act states that it prohibits the employment of children below the age of 14 years.

There are also another type of slavery that is forced marriage and sex slavery. Forced marriage and slavery for sexual purposes are very common in some regions of the world. Women and teenage girls are forced to marry older men who are financially established and is the head of the society. The woman is forced to live with them as their wives and basically they need to fulfill the wishes of her husband. Those girls and women used as sex slaves, they are abused and tortured physically and mentally. Forced marriage became illegal in India. If somebody is forcing a girl to marry then they are violating one’s Right to life and Human Rights under Article 16 of the Human Rights Convention. A law is passed in 1929 and updated on 2006; it states that women under the age of 18 and men under the age of 21 cannot legally get married.

To eradicate child slavery is a group of people need to volunteer and spread awareness about the need of child education and their basic necessities. Their parents need to understand about the needs of the children and they should know if their children gets educated & gets a good job then it will help the children as well as their family also. People need to support NGOs to save the children. Those NGOs focuses on the point that no children below the age of 14 works as a slave under rich people and they get education, as this will save the new life of millions of children. The NGOs work with the state and national level authorities. The government should provide special educational schemes along with employment opportunities. If a girl child or women is educated then she can raise her children and family members. Thus, she can become a good support system to her family. An Act was passed away which is known as an Abolition Act, 1976 by the government of India which provides legal framework against the practice of bounded labour. To eradicate forced marriage and sex slaves , we need to empower girls with information’s, skills and support networks, provide economics support and incentives to girls and their families, we need to educate and rally parents and community members.

PROSTITUTION generally means the practice of providing sexual services with someone for money. It is basically known as engage into flesh trade. In this type of practice the buyer needs to pay money infamous of sexual activities. Prostitution is not a new trade; it is one of the oldest professions. It is not limited to any gender or age. There are mainly two forms of prostitution commonly known as Indoor prostitution and Outdoor prostitution. Indoor prostitution includes conducting sexual activities at the clients house, hotels or room or any other indoor places. Outdoor prostitution is known as street prostitution which includes conducting sexual activities on the park, street. Many women and children are also forced to enter into the flesh trade; they are also sold by the family members for poverty. The women are also abducted and throw into prostitution; mostly the young girls staying in orphanage, abandoned and the children staying on road becomes the easy target for the people who are engaged in this type of business. The teenage girls and women belonging to the economically lower background are initiated into this profession. They are entering into this profession just to overcome the pangs of hunger. The law regarding prostitution varies from one region to another. However, the prostitution is now legal in India.

After Legislation of prostitution there are various advantages like we get to know that they may contain certain disease like HIV/ AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and this type of diseases are life threatening, which may lead to death of people. However, after Legislation of prostitution can definitely help to decrease the chances of spreading HIV / AIDS. A legalized System that shared the responsibility for safe Sexual practices with male clients and management as well as sex workers could facilitate the role of Health Education. A regular monthly checkup should be done and use of condoms should be enforced to increase the public awareness so as to prevent the spread of diseases. Medical Reports are required for the prostitutes to certify the conditions of their health, so that the client who is taking services they are safe. After Legislation of prostitutes, the crime rate also got reduced. Legalization of prostitution would be a better way to protect people in sex industry from rape & violence. If prostitution is illegal then prostitutes are unable to report the crimes of abuse committed against them out of fear of being prosecuted themselves for the crime of prostitution, therefore prostitution should be legalized. The Legislation of Prostitution has been shown to create funds for cities and decrease governments spending as the prostitute needs to pay tax to the government.

In order to eradicate prostitution, the government should work towards bringing strict enforcement by law to see that no one should dare into such activities. Strict punishment should be given for practicing such activities. The prostitutes willing to change the image in society, they should be provided a good chance to re-establish themselves. Young girls and women who are into prostitution, they find difficult to come back to terms with normal living so for that purpose rehabilitation centers should established and also the government should provide counseling session by experts. The government can offer many such remedies by working on their needs and helping them out by allocating funds. They should made to think about coming out of their ugly world’s, inspired to live life in the mainstream by educating themselves and leading a life full of dignity.

Children who are below the age of 18 years, they are abducted and transferred to another person, to another place for the purpose of exploration. Children are deprived from the family and are forced to work in the sectors where working conditions and the approach of employers towards them violating the Human Rights. Not only children are abducted but also adult male and females also get abducted and being sold or they are being made illegal activities like begging, prostitution, pickpocketing, early marriages and organ transplantation. This type of working environment is dangerous and it is especially harmful for children’s mental & physical health. In India the end number of human and child gets abducted. As we know India is developing country and unemployment rate is also high due to which there are less financial opportunities. So, just to support their families they work. They are tricked for work and subjective to begging and sexual exploitation. Children in rural areas in poor condition are trafficked to cities for employment in hostels and restaurants and they also need to work under hazardous conditions. Young girls are abducted because they are forced by families or sold by traffickers for marriage. Conditions of the young girls in early marriage are just like slaves. Child Trafficking in India is increased due to poor functioning of the law and the traffickers are at lower risks as there is no such serious action taken against them. Lack of Education is also the major reason for lack of awareness which makes families surrender to Traffickers. Each year billions of children are born without any registration which make it I’m-possible to track in any system. These children become the easy target for child traffickers. Trafficking also caused by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods in particular state or city, at that point of time traffickers can act as a relief worker and track the children as well as adults by offering food, shelter and work. They export the children under extremely vulnerable conditions. Children’s who lose their families in natural disasters are forced by traffickers to take uncertain decisions.

In order to Eradicate Human and Child trafficking some measures should be taken. The Legal process must be in place for removing children and adult from trafficking situations ant bringing them back to their families. The victims should be provided physical and mental support. The should be sent to psychological rehabilitation in order to establish himself or herself in society. To save the child from abduction we need to teach children about the sex traffics and exploitation like we need to talk with young child about body safety like “SAFE” and “UNSAFE” touching. They should know about the facts that strangers are always danger for them, parents should know about their child friends. Parents should teach their children to call police in their absence. We need to support NGOs which are saving people from getting abducted. The society and the government should focus on prevention, prosecution & protection. The government should adopt proper measure to prevent Trafficking. Awareness in the society can be created by informing and educating people. The government needs to redefine Law’s and makes sure that the Laws are implemented efficiently. Serious action needs to be taken against the trafficking chain and everyone involved in the crime must be punished by Law.

Author: Reshmi Nehar, University of Engineering and Management

Editor: Kanishka VaishSenior Editor, LexLife India.

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